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Hedlin Designs is changing graphic design in Ottawa, Illinois! From signs & banners to copy & print, Hedlin Designs in Ottawa Illinois is providing professional quality graphic design services at a fair price! Our graphic design capabilities are second to none in LaSalle County! And we approach every job with one goal in mind…. how to improve your business through our designs!


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Just Because You Got A Great Price, Doesn't Mean You Got a Great Value.

     Sure, you may be able to get business cards and web sites, but are they really a great value? How many other people are using the design you chose?  Is the design targeting your potential clients?  Is the design making you look the way you should look?  Using a graphic designer will give you a unique and memorable image, that will help you bring in more customers, and retain current customers.

 …Because a free service will usually cost you more in the long run!  A good graphic designer will make sure that what you want does what you need it to do!!